Forensic Investigation

Why study forensic investigation at WVU Tech?

Our program emphasizes problem-based learning. The curriculum covers theory and best practices and immerses students in real-world scenarios allowing them to discover the tools needed to solve a problem.

We focus on fieldwork as opposed to lab work. While some lab techniques and lab analysis are covered, the emphasis is on on-scene analysis. We prepare investigators to rapidly glean information from witnesses and physical evidence that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Students who enjoy crime dramas, novels and puzzles will enjoy this program.

What does a degree in forensic investigation at WVU Tech offer?

WVU Tech’s program creates a forensic generalist with an extraordinarily wide breadth of knowledge and honed critical inquiry skills of, unlike many forensic programs that create a specialist in a particular academic discipline.

This knowledge and skillset translates well to various careers and academic advancement.

What do students say they enjoy most about the program?

From day one, the program offers students a hands-on opportunity to learn basic investigative techniques, crime-scene processing and photography skills. Our students particularly enjoy the clandestine-grave dig, blood-spatter lab and creating and solving scenarios with their classmates.

What opportunities are available for graduates?

Graduates find career opportunities as crime scene investigators, crime scene technicians, crime lab analysts, death investigators and law enforcement officers.

Students may also choose to pursue advanced studies in fields such as criminal justice, forensic science or psychology.

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