Criminal Justice

Why study criminal justice at WVU Tech?

Our program prepares students for federal, state and local positions in homeland security, law enforcement, courts and corrections. The program includes a practicum experience, guest speakers and tours of criminal justice institutions and agencies.

Students who are interested in leadership and public service will enjoy this program.

How does the program work?

The criminal justice program is an interdisciplinary program which includes courses in criminal justice, sociology, criminal investigation, political science, public service administration and psychology. Students may opt to minor, or even double major, in any of these complementary academic programs.

What do students enjoy most about the program?

As part of the program, our students complete a 300-contact hour practicum in an agency that relates to their career goal. Our students’ practicum placements have included police departments, sheriff’s departments, courts, juvenile and adult probation, community corrections, Department of Natural Resources, prosecutor’s offices, juvenile centers and children’s services.

What opportunities are available for graduates?

Graduates find career opportunities in a variety of positions: municipal police officer, county sheriff, correctional officer, state highway patrol officer, court administrator, probation officer, parole officer, juvenile counselor, detention officer and private investigator. There are more than 30 federal agencies that employ homeland security personnel, law enforcement officers or investigators.

Graduates may also consider pursuing advanced educational opportunities such as law school or a graduate degree in criminal justice, political science, sociology, public administration or related fields.

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